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On Tuesday, June 29, at 9 p.m., on the occasion of Vidovdan, the symphony orchestra will perform the ‘Lazarus’ symphonic poem – the work of Veljko Kuzmančević, in Sava Square in front of the monument to Stefan Nemanja. The artistic sound-visual performance will revive the memory of one of the most important Serbian rulers. The symphonic performance of the work will be accompanied by a presentation of the life of Stefan Nemanja, the great endower of the monasteries Djurdjevi stupovi, Studenica, Hilandar…   

It is of major importance to include young people, especially the socially endangered and those with special needs who do not have the opportunity to experience a large symphony orchestra and the sound of instrumental film music live. One of the goals of the project is to include young people with disabilities in the cultural activities of the society and the contents that nurture the culture and tradition of the Serbian people, which was achieved in cooperation with the ‘Faith Love Hope’ association.

The organizer of this special event is the Belgrade Festivals Centre – CEBEF, the patron is the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and the support is provided by the City of Belgrade.

Admission to the concert is free.

Veljko Kuzmančević: ‘Lazarus’



The ‘Lazarus’ symphonic poem seeks to express resurrection and victory in the broadest sense. According to the episode from the New Testament, in which Jesus resurrected Lazarus, the phenomenon in medicine when the patient inexplicably comes to life is called ‘Тhe Lazarus Effect’. At the same time, in the collective consciousness of the Serbian people, Prince Lazar is one of the foundations of Serbian identity. With a courageous decision to lead the Battle of Kosovo and sacrificing his life for freedom and the fatherland, he gained eternal glory, becoming a symbol of patriotism and heroism.

Additionally, this symphonic poem strives to express the strength, defiance and victory over the trouble that has befallen the world in the past two years and endangered our lives.  

On the occasion of Vidovdan, on June 29th, in Sava Square, the symphony orchestra, inspired by the indomitable will and victorious spirit of our people, and led by Stefan Nemanja, who proudly holds a raised sword, will raise its bows and face the final victory.  

The pillar of the Serbian state and national identity is deeply woven into the values ​​that Stefan Nemanja established when creating the state and the nation. As one of the greatest endowers, he founded the Raška style in the architecture of churches and monasteries that he left us. Nowadays, when our nation is facing great challenges, just like he used to face, we are here to build the future with culture, art, architecture, independence, sacrifice. As Stefan Nemanja gathered the people, today we will gather in front of his monument and express in artistic language the very values ​​that he introduced and which are deeply rooted in our genetic code.


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