CLICK Fashion Studio Pays Tribute to Aleksandar Joksimović

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CLICK Fashion Studio, with the support of the Belgrade Festivals Centre, on the plateau in front of the Museum of Applied Arts organizes a special fashion show in recognition of the recently deceased legendary fashion designer Aleksandar Joksimović who marked fashion in the former Yugoslavia and set important fashion postulates in development of the Yugoslav and Serbian fashion scene. His recent departure reminded how important it is to preserve the heritage of the fashion great in the history of Serbian fashion and our culture in general.
CLICK Fashion Studio, which is celebrating 30 years of existence, instead of a birthday cake, decided to honor fans of fashion events as well as fashion connoisseurs with this special event, and at the same time provide an opportunity for domestic fashion workers to say goodbye to our fashion scene great. The homage to his work will be presented through the unique creations of more than thirty most important domestic fashion designers who were inspired by Joksimović's most important collections, from Simonides, The Damned Jerina, Anna Karenina to the collection such as Stained Glass, Landscape, Birds.
Creations will be worn by models of all generations from the time when Aleksandar Joksimović created until today.


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