Lukoil Supports the Jubilee 50th FEST

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A donation agreement was signed on December 23 in the Assembly of the City of Belgrade between the Lukoil company, the City of Belgrade and the Belgrade Festivals Centre – CEBEF.
In the year when the 50th jubilee edition of FEST is being held, the Lukoil company will even more strongly support the activities of the Belgrade Festivals Centre in the production of Serbia’s biggest and most famous film event. The contract was signed by the director of Lukoil, Denis Rjupin, on behalf of the City of Belgrade, the Assistant Mayor Andreja Mladenović, and on behalf of the Belgrade Festivals Centre, the Acting Director, Damir Handanović.
Every year, FEST is visited by 100,000 fans and admirers of film art, and with partnerships and support such as this, the Festival gets a chance to further develop and progress.



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CEBEF prepares and organizes film, music and multimedia ambient festivals with a tradition spanning over decades.


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