Exceptional Golden Beočug for 2020 Awarded to BEMUS

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On June 1st, the Cultural and Educational Association presented the Golden Beočug award for 2020 at the National Theatre.
The Exceptional 50th Golden Beočug was awarded to the Belgrade Music Festival –BEMUS.
The executive producer and organizer of BEMUS is the city’s cultural institution Belgrade Festivals Centre – CEBEF, whose director Damir Handanović attended the awards ceremony.
The Golden Beočug is presented as an annual award to artists, creators, scientists, ensembles, organizations and institutions for lasting contribution to the culture of Belgrade.
The Belgrade Music Festival – BEMUS, founded in 1969, is the oldest and most important music festival in Serbia and one of the most recognizable art music festivals in Southeast Europe, enjoying the status of a cultural event of special importance for the City of Belgrade.
Although special attention has always been paid to the promotion of local artists and their work, BEMUS owes its reputation primarily to the presentation of the most attractive foreign programmes. Thanks to BEMUS, Belgrade has hosted some of the most famous ensembles and soloists of our time. Among the soloists and conductors BEMUS has hosted are some of the most important musicians of the 20th and 21st century. In addition to world-famous performers, BEMUS opens the doors of concert halls to young musicians who are at the beginning of their professional careers.
The award was received by Milan Lazović, President of the BEMUS Board.



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