Preholiday Rock Spectacle

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A two-day preholiday series of performances by rock and alternative bands organized by the Belgrade Festivals Centre called Belgrade Rocks! started on December 29, in the Nikola Pašić Square, when, despite the rain, five bands performed in front of a large audience – fans of rock sound.
Straight Mickey and the Boyz were the first to take the stage – a Serbian music band formed in 2009, which is usually classified as alternative rock. Then came the popular regional band Zoster, founded in 2000, which has released four studio albums.
To the great joy of those gathered, the band Električni Orgazam, which recently marked four decades of existence with a concert, this time completely delighted the audience, especially by performing the greatest hits from their various genre phases.
They were followed by the regional music attraction Urban & 4, with the recognizable vocals of Damir Urban whose original songwriting creates a cult status with the audience.
The first concert day was closed by our famous band Kanda, Kodža i Nebojša, which is rightly considered to represent the very top of the Belgrade and regional scene of alternative and progressive sound.
Admission to the rock concerts within the ‘Belgrade Winter’ is free, and on December 30, the audience will have the opportunity to listen to the bands Bjesovi, Paraf, Let 3, Obojeni programme and Artan Lili at the same place.



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