CEBEF Co-producer in Two Premieres of TEATRIJUM

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At today's press conference in the atrium of Captain Miša's Mansion on the occasion of the summer programme of the Teatrijum Theatre, Tihomir Stanić – the initiator of the theatre ‘under the open sky’, made a special announcement of two premieres of plays in which the Belgrade Festivals Centre (CEBEF) participates as a co-producer, and took the opportunity to express his gratitude.    


The play ‘Banović Strahinja’, directed by Bojan Lazović, based on the text by Borislav Mihajlović Mihiz, will have its premiere on 3rd July 2022 (reruns on 4th and 5th July). Director Bojan Lazović has been working on this idea for a long time and he said that the work on the project was the result of his collaboration with actors Ljubivoje Tadić and Vladan Gajović.   


The play ‘Tesla – svetlopis u vremenu’ will premiere on 13th July. According to Tihomir Stanić, this play offers the audience an extremely interesting concept, in which important artists participate. He pointed out that he was especially glad that Svetlana Spajić, the author of music, was fully committed to choir rehearsals.


The idea of the Teatrijum Theatre was initiated by actors Tihomir Stanić and Vladan Gajović, with the support of the University of Belgrade, which made available the atrium of Captain Miša's Mansion, and the city municipality of Stari grad. During the ‘zero’ season of the Theatre, in July and August 2021, in addition to several independent productions, with ‘Don Žuan’ being the most ambitious project, the Teatrijum Theatre hosted more than 60 performances by numerous actors and alternative troupes, the majority of which do not have their permanent home stage.


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