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JEVREMOVAC BOTANICAL GARDEN from July 26 to 29, 2021

Several performances of outstanding and popular musicians will be held in the last days of July in the Jevremovac Botanical Garden. The programmes called GARDEN SESSIONS are organized by the Belgrade Festivals Centre which brings Neno Belan and Fiumens, Matija Dedić, the band Galija and Nada Pavlović in front of the Belgrade audience. Neno Belan & Fiumens BEST OF
After two years, Neno Belan and Fiumens come to Belgrade again and perform at the Botanical Garden on July 26. Neno Belan, one of the most active musicians from former Yugoslavia, whose songs capture the attention with their Mediterranean melodies, each one exuding enchanting emotional poetry, expressed his creativity during the pandemic through work in the studio and creating new songs. He also owes his popularity in Serbia to the phase from the time of the band Djavoli, whose opus Belgraders will be able to hear at this concert. Neno Belan and Fiumens will perform songs from Belan’s solo career as well, thus presenting to visitors the best of his work.

Matija Dedić, Tajna vještina – Music by Zlatan Stipišić Gibonni
Matija Dedić is a renowned musician and pianist whose indisputable virtuosity is showcased by each of his albums. His fascination with music took him through different musical genres, and he found the greatest inspiration in the freedom of expression provided by jazz. After numerous awarded releases and compositions, Matija found a challenge in the covers of songs by one of the most prominent songwriters – Zlatan Stipišić Gibonni. The new album ‘Tajna vještina’, which includes nine instrumental covers of the most beautiful Gibonni's compositions, will be performed on July 27 as part of this performance. ‘Divji cvit’, ‘Žeđam’, ‘Cesarica’ and ‘Kad sam nasamo s njom’ are well-known songs that Matija masterfully played in intimate, emotional jazz arrangements, while retaining the essence and rhythm of the original versions.

Galija – Acoustic, Like It Used to Be
One of the most enduring bands of Yugoslav and Serbian rock and roll, Galija, will perform on July 28. The band, founded 43 years ago in Niš, were named after the tavern of the same name, where the band members originally used to gather. They have gone through a lot of lineup changes, and the current band consist of singer, composer and guitarist Nenad Milosavljević, singer and songwriter Predrag Milosavljević, drummer Boban Pavlović, guitarist Dragutin Jakovljević, bassist Slaviša Pavlović and keyboardist Goran Antović. The band's releases vary from progressive rock to mainstream-oriented sound, this time the audience can expect an acoustic version. Nada Pavlović – Lady Sings Jazz
‘White Woman with a Black Voice’
Playing with Duke Ellington's Jazz Orchestra, jazzing with Chick Corea, Josephine Baker's offer to join her troupe, as well as the offer of Liz Mitchell, a member of the famous band Boney M, to be a singer in the band that marked the world music scene in the 1970s and a compliment from Aretha Franklin, who approached her after a performance in Germany, with the question: ‘Where did you learn to sing classical American jazz so well?’
Evergreen and jazz standards will be on the programme of the excellent Nada Pavlović on July 29 within the Garden Sessions. All programmes start at 8 p.m. The ticket price is 800 RSD, and on the day of the concert 1,000 RSD.
A 10% discount on senior cards at the box office is granted.
Tickets can be purchased from Monday, July 12 via


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