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|Артан Лили, фото Ивана Чутура|Бјесови, фото Микица Андрејић|Електрични оргазам,  Фото Микица Андрејић|Канда Коџа и Неојша, фото Ренато Мисколци|Лет 3, фото Марко Фрохлицх|Обојени програм|Параф|Straight Mickey and the Boyz,  фото Милан Стошић|Урбан 4|Зостер, фото Тони Квасић|||| |Артан Лили, фото Ивана Чутура|Бјесови, фото Микица Андрејић|Електрични оргазам, Фото Микица Андрејић|Канда Коџа и Неојша, фото Ренато Мисколци|Лет 3, фото Марко Фрохлицх|Обојени програм|Параф|Straight Mickey and the Boyz, фото Милан Стошић|Урбан 4|Зостер, фото Тони Квасић|||| ||||||||||||||

December 29 and 30, 2021
Nikola Pašić Square at 5 p.m.


A total of 10 bands will perform on Wednesday and Thursday, December 29 and 30 at the Nikola Pašić Square at the ‘Belgrade Rocks’ concerts, as part of the Belgrade Winter, organized by the Belgrade Festivals Centre – CEBEF.
In the preholiday atmosphere, the audience will enjoy rock and alternative sounds of popular bands coming from Serbia and the region. Admission is free, and the schedule of performances is presented below.


Wednesday, December 29, 2021:
• 17.00 Straight Mickey and The Boyz
• 18.10 Zoster
• 19.40 Electrični Orgazam
• 21.00 Urban & 4
• 22.25 Kanda, Kodža i Nebojša


Thursday, December 30, 2021:
• 17.00 Bjesovi
• 18.20 Paraf
• 19.40 Let 3
• 21.10 Obojeni program
• 22.10 Artan Lili


The Belgrade Festivals Centre – CEBEF is organizing various events in Belgrade on the occasion of New Year's holidays as part of the Belgrade Winter. This year, certain days will be dedicated to rock and alternative bands that the Belgrade audience likes to hear. The offer includes rock sound, which has been less frequent in the holiday programme so far, and to the joy of the audience, this type of music has now got its deserved place on the holiday scene. On Wednesday and Thursday, December 29 and 30, a total of 10 performers will hold their performances for Belgraders and visitors to Belgrade. On both days, the performances start at 5 p.m. and will be held on the Nikola Pašić Square, and the entrance is free. A detailed programme can be found on the CEBEF website and social networks. Currently, there is great interest in this programme throughout the region on social networks, and if it is necessary to change the location due to the assessment of the presence of a larger number of audiences, the public will be informed later.
On December 29 Straight Mickey and The Boyz, Zoster, Electrični Orgazam, Damir Urban & 4, Kanda, Kodža i Nebojša will perform (in this order). On December 30 Bjesovi, Paraf, Let 3, Obojeni program, Artan Lili will perform.
These popular bands are known for their recognizable sound and loyal audience, as well as for the fact that their performances often require one extra ticket. That is why this is a great opportunity for the audience to enjoy rock and alternative sounds of popular bands coming from our region in the preholiday atmosphere.


The band Artan Lili is considered one of the representatives of the New Serbian scene, they have been active since 2013. What is characteristic of the band, in addition to the recognizable sound, is the striking visual identity. Their singles won first places on all relevant charts in the country and the region. ‘Ako stanemo tu’, ‘Nije svejedno’, ‘Srce’, ‘Ono što te neće’, ‘Ispod kože’ or ‘D.E.P.R.A’ (Milan Mladenović first prize in 2019) became regional hits, which will then be united in the form of the album ‘Artan Lili’ (2015) and ‘New Deal’ (2018), and the album "III" was recently released (2020).


Bjesovi have a cult status among the audience. The band was founded in 1987. They attracted attention in 1993, when they won at the Guitar Festival in Zaječar. After that, they held a large number of concerts and released numerous albums. The discography of the band Bjesovi is represented by six studio and two concert albums. The song ‘Bolje ti’, in 2013, was voted the third best song of the 21st century, in Serbia and the entire region, by the listeners of Belgrade's ‘Radio 202’. Famous songs of this band are also ‘Dar’, ‘Kad se ruke moje vezane razdvoje’, ‘Kad mi stane dah’ and many others.


Electrični Orgazam was founded in 1980 and is considered one of the best and most important representatives of the rock scene and an integral part of the ‘new wave’. In more than 40 years of their career, this band has released 12 studio, seven live and three compilation albums. At the beginning of 1981, they recorded a joint album ‘Paket aranžman’ with the Belgrade bands Idoli and Šarlo akrobata, on which they were represented with the songs ‘Krokodili dolaze’, ‘Zlatni papagaj’ and ‘Vi’. Their hits are popular all over the region: ‘Igra rokenrol cela Jugoslavija’, ‘Da si tako jaka’, ‘Bejbe, ti nisi tu, ‘Kapetan esid’ …


Kanda, Kodža i Nebojša are considered to be one of the key bands of the rock scene of the 1990s, the late stages of the development of Serbian rock and roll. They emerged in 1990 and have released nine albums. Their second album ‘Igračka plačka’ is often mentioned as the best album of the 90's, which brought KKN to the top of Belgrade and Yugoslav music of alternative and progressive sound. Their famous singles include ‘Priroda’, ‘Prekidi stvarnosti, ‘Jamajka’, ‘Tamo gde je sunčano’, ...
Let 3 is an alternative rock band founded in 1987. Their trademarks are long mustaches and provocative appearances. They have won a number of awards for their musical work. Their music contains elements of different musical genres, and the lyrics often humorously depict certain social circumstances. Among their famous songs are: ‘Dijete u vremenu’, ‘Omađijaj me’, ‘Drama’, ‘Ero s onoga svijeta’ ...


Obojeni program is one of the longest-running bands on the domestic music scene. The band was founded in 1980 as a trio, bringing to the domestic scene a punk sound influenced by the then British and American independent scene. Obojeni program is one of the first Serbian bands to appear on European MTV in 1993 with the music video for the song ‘981’. Their famous singles include ‘Kad se neko nečem dobrom nada’, ‘A B C D Avioni’, ‘Nebo, nebo je plavo’, ...
Paraf is a punk band founded in the mid-1970s, which became the forerunner of the new sound in former Yugoslavia, thus earning the title of ‘fathers of the punk movement’. They were among the first punk bands outside Great Britain, and together with the Ljubljana Pankrti, they introduced a global music revolution. The second lineup of the band Paraf continued the post-punk standards and recorded the critically acclaimed album ‘Zastava’ in 1984. After a break of 33 years, the band started recording again in 2019. Among their very popular song are ‘Novi Berlin’, ‘Bez lica’, ‘Misli’, ...
Straight Mickey and the Boyz is a Serbian music band formed in 2009, which is most often classified as alternative rock. The band was founded by Miodrag Cicović (guitar, vocals), Boško Mijušković (bass guitar, vocals) and Danilo Luković (drums, vocals). Mijušković and Luković are also members of the band Škrtice, and Cicović composed the music for the film ‘King Peter the First’. Among their singles are: ‘Dalek svet’, ‘Haos radi’, ‘Ne osećam se dobro’, ‘Ponovo se budim’...
Urban & 4 is a band that is a real favorite of audiences across the region. A prominent songwriter and singer Damir Urban with his four-piece band is one of the most important musicians in the region in the last thirty years. His distinctive vocals and authentic songwriting create a cult status with the audience. The band recently released their latest single ‘Sama’, and also popular are their songs: ‘Sutra ćemo pričati’, ‘Priđi mi bliže’, ‘Iskra’, ‘Ne brini’, …
Zoster is a Bosnian band founded in 2000. The band has recorded four studio albums, which can be divided into two phases according to sound and poetics. The first phase includes the albums ‘Ojužilo’ and ‘Festival budala’, and the second ‘Imači kada’ and ‘Srce uzavrelo’. The first phase is youthful and engaged, while the second phase is more mature and introverted. The songs that stand out are ‘Kuda idu svi ti ljudi’, ‘Volio sam te, ‘Budi svoj, ‘Vrijeme će doći’.


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