Stefan Milenkovic

Stefan Milenkovic

Francisco Canaro Reliquias Porteñas
Gerardo Matos Rodríguez  La Cumparsita
Juan Carlos Caceres Tango Negro
Ranaud Garcia-Fons / Luis Matinier Derniere Route
Francisco Canaro Yo no se que me han hecho tus ojos
Osvaldo / Emilio Fresedo Vida mia  
Astor Piazzolla Histoire du Tango, Nightclub 1960
Astor Piazzolla  Revolucionario
Marko Črnčec Improvisation
Astor Piazzolla Milonga del Angel
Astor Piazzolla Fievre
Astor Piazzolla Che Tango Che
Richard Galliano Taraf
Astor Piazzolla  Primavera Porteña
Astor Piazzolla Invierno Porteño Compás is a rhythm, a metronome, pace of a step, a pulse and a basic rule. It is fundamental element on which all music is based on.

Stefan Milenković, a world-renowned violinist, who has already earned his place on concert stages at a young age and Marko Hatlak, versatile Slovenian concert accordionist, have joined forces in an energetic ensemble Stefan Milenković & Marko Hatlak Tango Compás together with pianist Marko Črnčec and contrabassist Luka Herman Gaiser. Repertoire of the ensemble covers especially passionate and temperamental tango music of various authors in their own arrangements. Besides tango, the ensemble also plays around with unique adaptations of Latino and jazz pieces.
Stefan Milenkovich is a unique artist with an exceptional long term creativity and professionalism. His eclectic musical and life philosophy explores global human and musical heritage and he is able to establish direct contact with the audience and provide fun, cohesive and energetic performances.
As a musician with broad stylistic interests, Milenkovich has played with the rock band Gorillaz on one of the world’s most recognizable stages – at the Appolo Theatre in Harlem, in New York, with lute player Edin Karamazov, with guitarist Vlatko Stefanovski and his trio, where Milenkovich explored dimensions of improvisation and switched between acoustic and electric violin. Milenkovich collaborated with numerous orchestras that include Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, Berlin Symphony Orchestra, Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, Aspen Chamber Symphony, Helsinki Philharmonic, NDR Radiophilharmonie Hannover Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra of Radio-France, Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra, National Orchestra of Belgium, Mexico State Symphony, Orquestra Sinfonica de Estado de Sao Paolo and Melbourne and Queensland Symphonies, under the baton of conductor masters such as Sir Neville Marriner, Lorin Maazel, Vladimir Fedoseyev, Daniel Oren and En Shao.
Stefan Milenkovich recorded several CDs, on which predominates classical music. He is committed also to educational work, carried out in U.S. and Europe. His musical career is crowned with international humanitarian work for which he received many awards. He participated on numerous UNESCO gala concerts and was active as a first ambassador for children during Balkan wars in the early nineties.
Marko Hatlak has been on foreign and home concert stages since 2000. After Music and ballet school in Ljubljana he continued his studies in Germany. First he studied at the Liszt school for music in Weimar in the class of professor Ivan Koval and later at University of music Würzburg in the class of professor Stefan Hussong. Tango music has had a strong influence on his work.
Already during his studies in Weimar Hatlak had his first tango ensemble called Distango, which later followed the current ensemble Funtango. He played as a soloist with symphony orchestras in Slovenia and abroad – Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra, Jena Philharmonic, RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra under the baton of En Shao and others. He also played in other ensembles with many internationally renowned musicians such as Vlatko Stefanovski, Stefan Hussong, Miha Maegaito, Una Palliser, Mate Bekavаc, Karmina Šilec, Neil Innes and Tommy Emmanuel and in tango and ethnic ensembles – Marko Hatlak & Funtango, Distango and Terrafolk. During this time, he made numerous recordings with the repertoire of tango, contemporary, baroque, classical and world music. He also creates original music, mostly for film and theater, as well as shows for children.
Marko Črnčec began his music career as a student of classical music. He graduated in 2009 from the Graz University for Art and Music. Today he works as a multi – instrumentalist, composer, arranger and producer in mostly jazz and pop ensembles. He participates and records with various musicians such as for example Michael Phillip Mossman, Luis Bonilla, Don Menza, Karmina Šilec and others.
Luka Herman Gaiser has graduated from the Conservatory for music in Klagenfurt under the professor Uli Langthaler from jazz and double bass direction and later on also from instrumental pedagogy. He was and is involved with a number of renowned jazz ensembles and musicians. He teaches bass guitar and double bass at Karol Pahor music school at Ptuj and at Conservatory for music in Maribor.
Musicians of the ensemble Stefan Milenkovich & Marko Hatlak Tango Compás derive from variety of genres – from classical depths of Stefan Milenkovich, Hatlak’s combination of classical, tango and ethnic music to Herman Gaiser’s experiments with jazz and Črnčec’s striking jazz improvisations. A guest vocal or dance accompaniment can join them on stage. At this year’s tour they are representing their first album on which songs from tango’s iron repertoire of authors Rodrigues, Canaro, Caceres and others can be heard, and as well a modern vision of tango through the unique interpretation of Piazzolla and Galliano music. Consistency and virtuosity of the performers creates energy-charged concerts that go beyond emotional thresholds.

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