KONTAKT Begins, (SCHEDULE for March 24)

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The KONTAKT conference, the largest event for music industry professionals in the region, will be held from March 24 to 26 at several locations in Belgrade. 2022 Kontakt is divided into three sections: music part of the programme – concerts, forums and panels; exhibitions; and workshops.

On the first day, 2022 KONTAKT will host a number of important names from the music industry, including Jake Beaumont-Nesbitt, manager and associate of many world stars, including Radiohead, Rihanna, Norman Cook and Beyonce. Jake is an advisor to the International Music Manager's Forum (IMMF) in the field of artists business models and intellectual property policy. The IMMF is a global network of associations of artists and managers in over 50 countries around the world.

The first day of 2022 KONTAKT will also be marked by a conversation about the 40 years of the ‘Leaves Covering Lisbon’ record of the cult Serbian band Električni orgazam, which will be attended by the frontman of this band, Gile.   

The long-awaited sales exhibition of Branislav Babić Kebra and his digital drawings will open at 5 p.m. on the most unusual corner of Cetinjska Street in Belgrade – in ‘Kula’ of the former Bajloni brewery. The exhibition of digital drawings by the frontman of the legendary Serbian band Obojeni program will last until March 31.  

The concert part of the programme will begin with a sold-out performance by Nikola Vranjković at Anti Shop Elektropionir at Cetinjska 15 at 8 p.m., and then at 9 p.m. a concert of contemporary classical music will begin at the Ilija M. Kolarac Endowment, when pianists Branka Parlić and Nataša Penezić will perform. The programme of the ‘Pavana and More’ concert will include works for two pianos and a solo piano by Steve Martland, Gavin Bryars, Meredith Monk, Dragoljub Ilić Ilke, William Duckworth and Philip Glass. Branka Parlić received a significant prize from the Global Music Awards in 2020 – Silver Medal for Outstanding Achievement for the INITIÉS 2017 album!

Schedule of 2022 KONTAKT Events for THURSDAY MARCH 24:

FORUMS-PANELS – from 12.00 to 16.30 – Cetinjska 15 

12.00 – 14.00 – Official Opening of KONTAKT and Presentation of the Association of Managers of Serbia       


1. Ivan Milivojev (Serbia)

2. Jake Beaumont-Nesbitt (United Kingdom)

14.00 – 15.00 – Leaves Covering Lisbon – 40 Years of the Električni orgazam Record  


1. Gile

2. Toni Jurij (Slovenia)

3. Dragan Ambrozić (Serbia)

4. Grof

5. Jovec

6. Zorica Kojić (Serbia)

Moderator: Dragan Ambrozić (Serbia)

15.00 – 16.30 – LIVE EUROPE Organization


1. Fernando Bittencourt Hersan (Belgium)

2. Vladica Mladenovski Grga MKC (North Macedonia)

3. Matjaž Manček MENT (Slovenia)

Moderator: Dijana Lakuš (Croatia)  

EXHIBITION – 17.00 – Cetinjska 15, KULA

  • Opening of the Kebra's Digital Drawings Exhibition


  •   20.00 – Nikola Vranjković – Anti Shop Elektropionir, Cetinjska 15
  • 21.00 – Pianists Branka Parlić and Nataša Penezić – Kolarac Endowment

The Kontakt conference is organized by the production company ‘Kontakt konferencija’, the concert agency ‘Odličan hrčak’ and the Belgrade Festivals Centre – CEBEF, under the auspices of the City of Belgrade.

Additional information: www.kontakt.org.rs



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